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Trust in God Baptist Church began more than a century ago in 1888 as a small Bible Study group in New York's Chinatown. Each Sunday, several believers met in a rented apartment on the third floor of 1 Mott Street to study the Bible and pray.


In 1899, this Bible Study group was named the Sun Lok School. In 1904, the Sun Lok School was renamed to Trust in God School. The believers' trust in God was evident in their efforts in the area of evangelism. They obeyed the Great Commission to spread God's Word throughout the world. From 1905 to 1925, a total of five Trust in God Gospel Missions were established in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and in Kongmoon, Hok-shan, Dai-nup, and Tung-shan in the province of Canton, China.


In 1926, Trust in God Baptist Church was incorporated as a religious organization by the State of New York.


In October of 1961, the search for a new place of worship ended with the purchase of 5 Elizabeth Street where we remain till today.


In 1971, under the leadership of Pastor Hing Cheung Au-Yeung, Trust In God Baptist Church became affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention.


Today, Trust In God Baptist Church continues to serve the New York Chinatown community by carrying out the Great Commission as commanded by our Lord Jesus Christ.





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